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Cambridge, of Cambridgeshire, England, UK, is a small city with a few good spots for skipping.

Dumpster diving

  • Some good skips in the villages just north of Cambridge. A The Co-operative Food, Tesco, and an independent fruit & veg shop near the Tesco all on the High Street in Histon. Bins are round the backs of the shops and unlocked. The Co-operative Food on Girton Road is ok, chucks out lots of sandwiches. In metal cages round the back.
  • Great spot at the back of The Co-operative Food just off hills road on Russel Street. Lots of bread, tinned food.(Last checked: June 2011)
  • The Sainsbury's located on Sidney street in the town center has its skips down the alley just past the store. The gates sometimes are shut but you can get past them by simply lifting the bolts underneath them. There often seems to be a large amount of baked goods and fruit. (Last checked: April 2009) *** Personal experiences at that spot: "I might be just unlucky, but 3-5 times I've been there I could not find a thing + there are rumors that they are spilling bleach on the dumped food, so be carefull!" - anonymous user, Nov.2009.
  • Iceland is located on Histon road next to Aldi. The skips are just behind the shop, in a metal cage, which has the facilities to be locked. (Last checked: April 2009)
  • Aldi is located on Histon road next to Iceland. The skips are just behind the shop, in a metal cupoard, near the service entrance. They often have nothing of use in them, but when they do it tends to be good quality. (Last checked: April 2009)
  • The Co-operative Food shop on Histon Road has a couple of bins which are in an area with gates (almost always unlocked) and accessable very easily from Windsor Road. (Last checked: April 2010)
  • The Tesco on Mill road (over the railway bridge from the city centre), has skips just round the back, they are not fenced off in any way, but are occasionally locked (which can be got round by putting one's hand into the skip, and turning the lock from the inside). They are nearly always packed with a wide variety of food, easily enough to support more than one Freegan household. The best time to check is around 11.30pm, any day of the week. (Last checked: July 2010)
  • The Co-operative Food on Mill road (over the railway bridge from the city centre) has skips just round the back, they are surrounded by a wooden fence and gate, but this is usually left unlocked. There's often a good amount of food, especially backed goods, but some times there seems to have been nothing thrown out. (Last checked: July 2010)
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