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There is a small-scale freegan movement in Budapest, Hungary. Every Saturday a group of people is going to local food markets before closing and asks the vendors to give some fruit and vegetables they will not be able to sell over the weekend, or that they are going to throw away because they are not in the best shape. Here is a "Hunting Vegetables" video in English (or watch it below).

On the top floor of the central market at Fovam ter, there are many food stalls, popular among tourists, most of whom are ignorant fuckers who order what they want but not what they need, i.e. A LOT of leftovers on the table. There are public tables where these fuckers eat and they are not frequently cleaned by workers, thus easy opportunity for table diving. Please do this, even just once or twice. I have seen big sandwiches and baked potatoes and such being left after a single bite. We should make wasting food a crime.

There used to be several generations of freeshops in Budapest that had stable places. At the moment there are only some spontaneously organized freeshops in the streets or during some events (follow them via link here). Moreover, "Green Youth" organizes "Exhange Market" on weekends.

Every district of Budapest has certain days when people can put everything they don't need (used furniture, electronics, books, etc.) out in the street. Official cleaning services remove everything the next day after people put out the stuff. It is usually happening from late February until the first days of December. These days are called "lomtalanítás". These days of each district are listed here. Unfortunately, you will never ever see the exact dates for a smaller area inside a district. Only the gypsies seem to know these dates and they know them well in advance. They are kept top secret in order to make the garbage harder to find, because since the 2013 "Garbage Act" the "lomizás" has become a crime. However, the authorities do not really give a shit about it as long as one can behave normally while collecting.

In 2011 the local government of Budapest made dumpster diving in the 8th district of the city illegal (link text: Hungarian and English).

Video "Hunting Vegetables":