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Diver Guaka dumpster diving in Brussels.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium.

Flea market

A great place to go to get something for free is the flea market Place du Jeu de Balle which is held everyday from 6am to 2pm. If you go there after 1pm, you will be able to get anything that market vendors don't sell and choose to discard of: plates, boxes, chairs, clothes, books, old pictures... The garbage truck comes at 14:00. Be careful, you can get addicted to it. See map here.

Unlocking dumpsters

In Brussels, a type of dumpster lock (with a triangular key) found at most gas stations and supermarkets can be opened using almost any big house key (use an old one in case it bends!).

  1. Pry the key in between the pin on the right side
  2. Push the outer end of the key to the left
  3. Pull out the pin

Computing gear

Hackerspace Brussels has a permanent stock of recup computers/keyboard/network switches/cables etc. Leave a msg here .

Food markets

Bruxelles Midi
There's a market every Sunday at the Brussel South railway station (in French: Bruxelles Midi). Around 14:00 they start packing up and you can find very nice fruit and veggies.
Abattoirs - metro Clemenceau
Not as much meat as you would expect with this name, great market, open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Starts closing around 14:00. The quality of the left over produce is not great, but you can still find very edible fruit and veggies - sometimes in large quantities. Note that this neighbourhood has the highest crime rates of Brussels (but Brussels is a safe town).
Place Flagey
There's a market every Saturday at Place Flagey. Around 14:00 they start packing up and you can find very nice fruit and veggies.
Parvis de St. Gilles
Daily market, but not good for dumpster diving. Garbage is collected in plastic bags, guaka has never found anything here.
Le Miroir, Place Reine Astrid, Jette
Regional farm produce, only open on Sunday, not much to find.
Apparently there's a market that's okay for diving, not clear when exactly though.

The street

You can often find many useful things in the street, such as furniture, clothes and carpets.

Chaussee de Gand, in Molenbeek, looks a bit like it could be in the Middle East. On Wednesday night it's trash night and you can find various stuff - until about 21:00 when the trucks come to pick up the trash. guaka found a whole bag of rice noodles and 50 kg of semolina (and took 10 kg) one night, 2 big useful garbage cans another. Be careful with the cars, people drive like maniacs, and keep a low profile, it's definitely not Brussels' most friendly neighbourhood.

guaka and a friend found a usual white trash bag full of okra, spinach, 2,5kg of oatmeal in front of a small grocery store in Chaussée de Wavre - recognized by some leak that looked good. It's a good strategy to simply check bags by looking and then feeling. It's a good idea to be quick, e.g. quickly take the bag away from the store and check contents elsewhere.

The internet

Freecycle Mailing List - active list where you can "Give/A Donner" or "Wanted/Cherche"

"One main rule: everything posted must be free."

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