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Bruges (Brugge) is a relatively small touristic city in Belgium.

Dumpster diving

It is rather hard to access trash in the historical city centre because it is not exposed to public but rather is generally kept inside until it gets picked up or is sent through the delivery trucks.

Outside town however, there are some places where it is still possible to dumpster dive. Look for smaller neighbourhood supermarkets like GB or Delhaize, but be aware that they are often protected by a locked fence.

In January 2009, activist Ollie was arrested and detained for 28 days in relation to dumpster diving. This unusually harsh sentence was seen by many as being political since he was living in a squatted forest within the city limits (Lappersfort, now cut down (see reference)).

Dumpster diving spots

  • Carrefour GB - Sint-Michiels (Rijselstraat, near the church) - good for fruits, vegetables and dairy. Dumpsters tend to be filled with rotten fish and prepared food, too. Close to a police station! (Last checked: July 2010)
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No-good-dumpstering places

  • Aldi on Baron Ruzettelaan: trash is sent back via trucks, only butcering leftovers are left behind the store (mainly raw meat). (Last checked: July 2010)
  • Colruyt on Nijverheidsstraat: dumpsters are in their garage which is locked at night. (Last checked: July 2010)
  • Bio-Planet on Sint-Pieterskaai: locked at the back with a high (climbable but difficult) fence. (Last checked: July 2010)
  • Lidl on Blankenbergsesteenweg: locked teasingly in front of your eyes with loads of yummy veggies. (Last checked: July 2010)


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