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Brisbane is in Queensland, Australia. Its dumpster diving scene is alive and well!

Dumpster Diving

This map locates accessible skips around Brisbane with denotations explained by the legend below. Map indicators show exact dumpster location where possible.

Trashmap Legend: (A) ALDI (B) Bakery (C) Coles Supermarket (E) Butcher (D) Deli (M) Farmers market (W) Woolworths Supermarket

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="-27.468831" lon="153.008308" zoom="13"> (C) -27.476462, 153.011862, Coles West End Brisbane Boundary St West End , QLD (B) -27.480981, 153.011486, Kim Than Bakery 81 Vulture St West End, Queensland. Lots of bread thrown out around 11pm each weeknight. (W) -27.486495, 152.991188, Woolworths Toowong (D) -27.480247, 153.008714, Deli skip Good for: cardboard, large jars and cans (maybe even food!) (W) -27.45859, 152.997903, Woolworths Paddington -27.459421, 153.001579, Retro Metro -27.46658, 152.997126, Rosalie Gourmet + Foodstore -27.465295, 152.996697 </googlemap>

Sourcing good skip sites

Dumpsters can be easily found in most medium to small sized grocers, bakeries, supermarkets. There are numerous unexploited or underexploited dumpster in the city, especially away from the epicentre of dumpstering which is in the West End / Highgate Hill area. If one is willing to cycle a little further out into surrounding suburbs then there is a largely untapped resource, enough to feed thousands. The beautiful people at the Co-op at Griffith University's Nathan Campus dumpster regularly, and can help you with where to go/information etc.

Aldi stores are now widespread throughout Brisbane and can be a goldmine for dumpster divers. A lot of the fresh food and vegetables at Aldi are wrapped or sealed in plastic so they are likely to be fine to eat, escaping any bin juices!

IGA is also a good source of food and often throw away a lot of food which has passed its used by date, but is still fine to eat. Along with IGA, the two shopping chains have become the most reliable sources of skipped food as Woolworths and Coles have become extremely difficult to procure waste food from.

Brisbane Markets Ltd. lists a large number of greengrocers and provides information about food distribution in QLD. This link shows a google map compilation of greengrocers in SEQ - lots of skipping opportunities here!

The Trashwiki entry for Australia has a list of links for various store locators.

If it's light construction materials you're after, inner city residential suburbs such as Paddington and Indooroopilly often have skips outside houses undergoing renovation. Workers on site should have no problem letting you take their unwanted leftovers if you ask nicely.

Produce Markets

Check out Weekly farmers markets:

  • West End, Davies Park - Every Saturday from 7 till around 3
  • New Farm Food Markets - Every Saturday morning, 6 till around 12
  • Kelvin Grove Village Markets - Every Saturday 6am - 1pm
  • Brisbane Marketplace Rocklea - Every Saturday 6am-12pm

Also check out Northey Street Markets in Windsor (every Sunday 6-10.30am). They grow their own food but will also have lots of great knowledge on where to dumpster dive in Brisbane.


West End

  • Sol Breads (Last checked: April 2013)
  • Kim Thanh Bakery - often throw out lots of bread. Best time to skip around 11pm or later. (Last checked: September 2011)

Highgate Hill

  • Flour Power (unconfirmed) (Last checked: ?)

Stone's Corner

  • Rock 'n' Roll Bakery, 500 Logan Road, Greenslopes (unconfirmed) (Last checked: ?)


  • Oversized wheelie bin (see between Retro Metro and Endeavour Clothing - it's almost obscene the quantity and variety of things that are thrown out on a regular basis - suitcases, shoes, clothes, cd's and much more. The bin is very secure and always locked. To get in you have to either break the chain with bolt cutters or hack the padlock. There are two unlocked wheelie bins next to the skip and a large collection of old books has been found in the recycle bin.(Last checked: November 2011)
  • Rosalie Food - a few skip bins where you can score bin bags full of bread, sometimes sweets and croissonts too; discarded flowers and tonnes of waste fruit and vege great for composting. (Last checked: September 2011)

New Farm

  • IGA on Brunswick Street (unconfirmed). (Last checked: ?)


  • Zone Fresh: 1/104 Newmarket Road (unconfirmed). (Last checked: ?)


  • Coles, Toowong Tower shopping centre. Bin has been found unlocked on 2 occasions (possibly broken). Great for bread, fruit and vegetables. (unconfirmed). (Last checked: April 2013)

Kerbside Collection

Brisbane City Council's year Kerbside Collection offers an invaluable opportunity to pick up useful treasures from trash piles around the city. Residents leave their unwanted goods on the footpath for the council to pick up, and it's usually at least two weeks from the commencement of this period before the goods are taken away by Council. Whilst some things left out are broken or "unusable" by western standards, many items are thrown out simply because they are no longer wanted, such as old TVs which have been replaced by newer models. A list of acceptable items (see this link) for dumping exists but typical items found in collection will include furniture and shelving, childrens toys, TVs and other electronics, books, clothes and even camping and adventure gear. The Kerbside Collection is like a free lucky dip, and most people are quite happy for you to sift through their refuse to give a second life for their "trash". If you can get to the wealthy and highly residential suburbs (Paddington, Indooroopilly, Taringa, Kangaroo Point, New Farm, Chermside, Clayfield, Ascot, Hamilton, Bardon, Hawthorne, Redcliffe, Sandgate, Manly, Wynum, Victoria Point, Wellington Point and others), these will generally provide a better haul. This link details council collection dates for the 2011-2012 period.

Edible Brisbane

An open collaboration project commencing in November 2009 shows the locations of fruit trees growing on public land around Brisbane. The locations are mapped in a public google maps collaboration which can be viewed and edited by anyone.

Blog site For Greenies posted about the map (link) and later posted a youtube video about the edible foodscape in the inner city suburb of West End (link).


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