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Brighton (Sussex, England) is a small city situated an hour away (by train) from London. Brighton has many bins to choose from, and a large student, homeless, and others feeding themselves from it. So, in view of this, if you are using this to skip in Brighton please only take what you think you'll be eating/what you need and then leave enough for others to survive on. Another thing, try and keep the place clean, and not make your presence too well known, and this tends to result in locked bins and cages. HAPPY HUNTING! There are many available bins for skipping in Brighton, you can find food in big supermarkets, to sandwich shops, to small convenience stores – this list is by no means definitive.

Handy tools for the job include a torch (as some places are not well lit), a bag that you don't mind getting trash juice all over, and a water meter key (small triangular-recessed key available at DIY shops that match the locks on a lot of bins)

(Last checked: August 2013)

UPDATE - co-op supermarkets seem to have stopped having outside bins/throwing away food - This is due to the foodshare program, a food waste redistribution scheme connected with homelessness support charities and day centers around the country (Last checked: January 2014)

Central/North Street


Eat is a sandwich and salad shop near the top of North Street. Facing the shop from the street, turn right and follow the road up, taking the first left onto a pedestrianised area then immediately left again into a large alleyway. At the bottom are the bins for Eat. Sometimes bags of food can be found just inside a metal cage door on the left side of the bottom of the alleyway behind the bins.

There is a second Eat shop on Churchill Square just past the top of North Street. Facing the shopping centre, follow the building round to the right onto a side street. There will be bins on your left. These bins also can contain food from the nearby Pie Society and Cornish Pasty stores.

(Last checked: August 2013)


Pret is next door to the first branch of Eat (see above). The bins are near the Eat ones in the same alleyway The bin contents is often inconsistent. As well as the main bins, they also have a brown food waste bin which sometimes has un-filled bread rolls in it.

Address - 77 North St How to find bins (Last checked: August 2013)


Boots can be skipped to find everything from beauty products, to shampoos, soaps, juices and snacks. Turn the alley next to the main building on north street, where the bins are kept. They are sometimes left open, otherwise a skip-key is required, which are available at most tool shops. Staff will ask you to leave if spotted, and are organised security. If you honestly tell them what you are doing, they will just walk you off site. Best to go when the shop is closed.

Infinity Foods

Infinity Foods is a wholefoods shop half way up North Road - not to be confused with North Street. Facing the shop on north road, turn left and take the first right. There is a small delivery area on your right, where there are brown bins usually containing lots of fruit, veg, and bread. There is also a larger blue bin which is almost always locked with a chain. (Last checked: August 2013)

Kemp Town


Morrisons is a large supermarket, there bins are located in a separate area around the back in the car park. To get to the car park you need to go onto Edward Street and turn into the car park. Sometimes they leave there bins out early in the morning (6/7am) for trash collection, or you can climb into the compound (a bit risky) Address - 5-8 St James's St (Last checked: August 2013)


This is a small Tesco Express which is located near Morrison’s. If you are facing the front, the bin is on the side street to the left. They throw out a lot of gak and other convenience foods. Can be skipped anytime, but the manager and workers will shout at you if you get caught. Also, the local students dump there household there as well so you might have to dig past this. Address - 25-26 St James's St (Last checked: August 2013)


Another small-ish store. If you are facing the front, the bins is on the corner of the side street/back street to the right. Sometimes the bin is not out, but is generally good when it is. Address - 41-45 St James's St SEE UPDATE ABOVE (Last checked: August 2013)


Also in Kemp town, near the co-op, there is a recently opened fruit and veg shop with a bin visible on the side. There is also another co-op further again in the Kemp town, but this rarely has any food in it. (Last checked: August 2013)

London Road area


Bin is round the back of the store in a huge cage, sometimes locked with a chain and padlock and sometimes not. Used to be a really good bin but now more variable and often no food.

(Last checked: August 2013)


Bin is round the back of the store, one along from the aldi. Best skipped thursday nights, and sometimes the bin isn't out at all on other days.

(Last checked: August 2013)

New England House

This is large building, and one unit makes bread. The bins are out the front, the bread is often still fresh and good quality Address - New England Street, BN14GH‎ (Last checked: August 2013)


Opposite the New England House bread skip, on the other side of the road, is the Domino's pizza bin. Sometimes pizza's not collected, or make wrong, and thrown out here, sometimes still in boxes. They are open quite late, but the delivery drivers don't seem fussed by people checking the bins. (Last checked: August 2013)

Polish Shop

Small polish shop which often throws out meat and cheese. The bin is at the front, just to the right of the store – it is a small red bin Address – Preston Road, near Preston Circus (Last checked: August 2013)

Tropical Fruit 4 U

There is a street bin (black heavy duty public bin) to the left when facing the store. The throw out large quantities in the morning.

Western Road

Marks and Spencers

This M and S opposite Churchill Square used to be good for skipping, but not so much any more. The bins are in the car park/delivery area around the back, access from the side street to the left as you face the store. TipaSkip recently had a conversation with the yard staff from this branch, and he claimed that they are also participating in some foodshare-like program. Address – 195-200 Western Road, BN1 2BJ‎ (Last checked: August 2013)


Taj is a organic fruit and veg shop. If you are facing the front, the bins are on the side street to the right - there are three/four of them. They are usually great for fruit and veg, but require digging through bins. Be warned, the black bags in these bins are usually full of bits of dead animal carcass. Also, the staff/owners really really hate dumpster divers – best to go when they are closed. Bins are kept inside during the day, and tend to be left out after six. Address - 98-99 Western Rd


A fruit and veg store located about five minutes from Taj in the direction of Hove town. There are two skips which often contain a variety of fresh fruit and veg, as well as nuts and other pulses. Staff seem to ignore divers, but best times are after 6pm, when the daily stock starts getting thrown out



There are a couple of co-ops in Hove/further away from Brighton – most of which are good for skipping To find them, use the Co-op supermakets store locator - There is one on Church Road, one on Blatchington Road, one on Kingsway, one on Nevill Road, and one on Portland road. Typically you can just find the bins round the back of the store without any trouble. SEE UPDATE ABOVE (Last checked: August 2013)


Iceland in Hove is on Blatchington Road, near a co-op. Round the back of the store is a cage with a bin inside. This skip has been locked with a lock which is actually part of the cage

(Last checked: August 2013)


There are two tescos in Hove that are good for skipping. One is near the train station on Denmark Villas. Facing the store, go round left to the back. There's usually a good amount of food in a grey bin, but they only throw it out later on (past 11pm) so best done at night. The other tesco is on the Droveway, it is small but usually has decent readily-edible foods. The bins are in a small compound to the right of the store – you need to (carefully – not making too much noise as people live above the shop) climb over the fence and the bin should be waiting there for you.

(Last checked: August 2013)

Salvation Army

Salvation army on sackville road dump everything from books to clothes, cutlery, crockery, childrens toys and general charity shop stuff, and have skips which are well stocked every evening.

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