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Bordeaux, in France, is a great city for dumpster diving. Bakery goods, fresh vegetables, and even gourmet chocolates can be found easily. Look for medium sized food stores (big supermarkets lock their bins, or hide them away) and wait until around 8 oclock, in the city centre, when the garbage truck comes to collect the dumpsters put out on the sidewalk. When the shops close, they place their dumpsters (little dark green ones) outside, and you've got about an hour before the truck will pass by.

There's an organic/bio store in the city centre which has a dumpster out the front, but you can also ask nicely behind the counter for anything they might be throwing away. Little chocolate deli stores are great too, the chocolate and cookies stick to the baking paper and they just throw the whole batch out. Yum! Bakeries will supply you with more than enough for a week, some have bins down a side alley way, next to the store, otherwise it'll be out on the street with the rest.

Only take what you need though, there are quite a lot of people feeding themselves from these bins. You'll notice if you get there too late, bags will have already been opened, and all the good stuff is missing!

There is an Aldi store at the crossing of Cours du Raccordement and Cours Edouard Vaillant with a dumpster just in front.

There's a daily market place des Capucins, you can pick scraps on the floor, but the best is to wait for the closing at 13:00 and ask the merchants if they're gonna throw stuff away and if you can take it instead ("Allez-vous jeter des choses que je peux récupérer ?" in French).

A lot of bread can be found in a bakery just at the beginning of Pessac (a surrounding town/neighbourhood of Bordeaux) on the road D1250, north of Hospital Xaviar Arnozan.


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