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Bologna is a city in Italy which might offer you some freegan opportunities.

  • Many Asian food shops or mini-markets (mostly Pakistani or Bangladeshi) situated in town center (less frequently - in the suburbs) are pleased to leave you some stuff at the end of the working day, about between 6 and 7pm. (For women it's obviously easier to be successful in asking for a food.)
  • Try Mercato delle Erbe on Saturdays around market's closing tme (~1pm): vendors don't mind giving away things for free.
  • Conad on Via Emilia Levante 6-5 has a huge dumpster at the back with a lot of useful trash. Be careful of the owner who is said to not like dumpster divers - apart from you can find a LOT of really nice food. (Last checked: September 2015)
  • COOP on San Donato have fruit in their dumpsters. (Last checked: Oct.2011)
  • NOT recommended: "IperCoop" next to the park Lunetta Mariotti, by Via della Beverara. Place has a fence and is under control of security all night long (we were there between 1 and 3am). They are not very friendly, so enter only if u need a warm place to stay over the night (read: police station). Bins are very rich though! (last checked: november 2014)


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