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Bognes is by E6 between Fauske and Narvik, already far behind Arctic circle. There is ferry to Lofoten - Lodingen. It cos per person about 70 NOK ain it can be not so easy to sneek, they check ID too. Bognes is last place at E6 (and only one place), where is no tunnel, you have to take ferry to north side - Skarberget, where E6 continues to Narvik. Ferry between Bognes and Skarberget goes once a 25 min. It cost 19 NOK per every person in car, they do not check ID. You can hide in car or just sneek - go to ships around workers calmly, when cars are boarding.

There is about 5 km before harbor in Bognes small village with beautifull fjord - there is Joker Shop. Lot of small plastic dumpsters are behind shop, but dumpsters are locked with red lock in. That is pitty. Last checked: May 2018.