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  • The Aldi supermarket on Katoomba Street has unlocked bins during the day with easy access from the carpark. You can find bread, fruit, vegetables, meat, and other random supermarket stuff. (Last Verified: feb-2016)
  • The Woolies dumpsters are located in the loading bay just off Park St, Katoomba. Access into these bins is unverified, but worth a try, probably at night after closing.
  • The Coles supermarket is also located on Park St. Access to these bins is also unverified, but worth a try, probably at night after closing


If you want to cook your freshly dumpstered goodies there are free public BBQs and water you can get from the drinking bubbler tap in the 'Maple Grove' park at Katoomba Falls Reserve on Katoomba Falls Road. Just walk down Katoomba St to the south for about 10min and you will come to Katoomba Falls Rd going down the hill on the right.


It is possible to discreetly camp at the back of Maple Grove. Although there are 'no camping' signs and camping in the park is forbidden, if you set up your tent at sunset and pack up early in the morning no one is likely to notice. There is also a public toilet block that is open at least during the day about 50m west of Maple Grove over the Kedumba River.


On the main street (Katoomba St) between the road and the footpath there are little raised 'gardens' walled by red bricks. Some of these gardens have working outdoor power points, some of which are conveniently located right next to street benches to sit on.

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