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Birtavaare is small village by E6 between Skibotn and Alta, not so far from Finmark. It is at end of fjord ad deep canyon with difficult road continues around 25 km to Halti - highest mountain in Finland, Norway-Finland border is between two summits. Halti-Haldi is 1361 m high with only stones on the top. Basic camp with parking by lake is around 800 m above sea and only grass is there. There is ice on lake often until begin of July, not this year.

Where take food for trip to Halti ? Probably not in Birtavaare. Birtavaare has two shops by road E6. Coop closes at 6pm. There are big dumpsters behind, but unfortunately with big strong padlocks. Joker shop with fuel station closes at 10pm. There is dumpster by entrance, but waste is quite mixed with all plastic covers and this. Not so good dumpster. Closest dumpster is is Skibotn about 50 km far - Joker shop has bio trash with green bags inside, and big metal container with mixed waste, including some bread, cakes by north wall. Another 40 km south is crossroad towards Tromso in Nordkjosbotn. Extra shop has open metal container in one side.

Last checked: June 2018