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It's great to dumpster dive bicycles and bicycle parts. In many cities you can find bicycle work shops where you can fix a broken bike found in the trash, and there will always be people who would be happy to get bike parts.


Most junk bicycles that are found are unrideable in some way or another. It is imperative to repair said found bikes or all that one has is a worthless piece of scrap. If one has the appropriate resources at his or her disposal, choose from the methods below.


A one or two part epoxy glue is applicable when fixing small (mostly plastic) pieces. A Two part epoxy is preferable to a one part epoxy. The epoxy can be obtained by dumpster diving or by conventional means. Some people throw away full or half full tubes assuming that they are unusable because they are only half set.


There are many methods of welding available. Questions one must ask themself include:

  • Do you have the equipment?
  • Do you have experience?
  • Is it safe, given the circumstances?

Types Gas Welding Also known as Oxy/Acetylene or Oxy/Fuel welding, this method of welding can yield good results if done well. Caution: This method of welding uses acetylene, an explosive gas, thus making it highly dangerous.

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