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Bergen is the second largest city in Norway.


Bergen is a good place for dumpster diving. This map shows where some dumpsters are located:


  • Bergen airport, under the entrance hall, on the side of the Clarion hotel, a short service road leads to the trash of the airport's shops.(60.288429, 5.231414) loads of sandwiches, bread and pastries. (Last checked Oct. 2017)
  • 7/11, Torget 1 (60.394659, 5.325937): With a bit of luck warm pizza and sweet breads, sandwiches. Sometimes vegetables. (Last checked: Okt.2015)
  • Kiwi, Vestre Skostredet 10 (60.393433, 5.328466): Sometimes there is something. (Last checked: Okt.2015)
  • Kiwi , Krambua: only accessible during opening hours. Assorted goods, no bread. (last checked may 2019)
  • Safari, Laksevåg Senter: Guaranteed lots of different bread on weekends. (Last checked: Jan.2012)
  • Rema 1000, Laksevåg Senter: fruit, veggies and mushrooms. (Last checked: Mar.2013)
  • Kiwi, Damsgård: Always all sorts of things. (Last checked: Jan.2012)
  • Coop Extra, Damsgårdsveien 205 (60.386573, 5.300345): 4 unlocked containers with fruits, berries, mushrooms and more... (Last checked: Okt.2015)
  • ICA, Blekenberg: Sometimes really nice produce, sometimes nothing. (Last checked: Jan.2012)
  • Coop Extra, Danmarksplass: Strange spot, mostly empty, however, every now and again a gourmet cheese can be found. (Last checked: Jan.2012)
  • Kiwi, Kronstad: Very good, but very public at the same time. (Last checked: Jan.2012)
  • Kiwi, Bjørnsonsgate: 4 Container with a lot of exotic fruits, mango and avocado. Very close to the Kronstad Lightrail Station (Last checked: Sep.2015)
  • Rema 1000, Wergeland (60.360266, 5.352556): Highest probability for chocolate, but not at all guaranteed. Also full of exotic cheese and very high quality bio products. (Last checked: Sep.2015)
  • Small Oriental Shop (60.360349, 5.360386): oriental things (out-dated), herbs and vegetables (but I am sure you would just have to ask and the would give it to you instead of wasting it.) (Last checked: Sep.2015)
  • Kiwi, Birkeveien (60.360540, 5.364489):A private and quitet place with little traffic. There are three big containers and two smaller ones with lots of fruits and vegetables (guaranteed bananes, high proability other fruits as well. In the big ones, it you might find something very nice (cheese, salmon) or nothing at all, it varies alot. (Last checked: Sep.2015)
  • Safari, Støletorget: This one is only available during opening hours. It's best to come after they've closed the in-store kitchen for the night. Bags of nicely wrapped, still warm dinner. (Last checked: Jan.2012)
  • Peppes Pizza, Danmarksplass: Lots of half-baked pizza crust with sauce. (Last checked: Jan.2012)
  • Safari, Lagunen: exotic fruit, cheese, jam, food oil, and sometimes bread. (Last checked: Feb.2012)
  • Coop Prix, Apeltun: Good place for dumpster diving. Big variety of produce. (Last checked: Feb.2012)
  • Coop prix, Åsane (you can get there by free IKEA bus, it is just behind the highway west of the shopping mall area at 60.465887 5.312792; previously the store was called ICA but it was rebranded): Lots of good stuff: bread, sausages, fruits and vegetables (Last checked: Jul 2016)
  • Globalstore, Strømgaten/Lars Hilles Gate (60.389016, 5.330811): vegetables, fruits. (Last checked: Sep.2015)
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  • Rema1000, Marken : Two big containers, pretty nicely hidden in a sideway. You find all sort of things, fruits, baguettes, yoghurts, deserts. (Last checked: March 2020)
  • Rema1000, Helleveien : Three big containers, very public and also right across the road of a 24h cirkle K station... However, you always find all sort of things, fruits, baguettes, salad/vegetables. (Last checked: March 2020)
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In nikkou's experience diving in Bergen is quite hard these days (Jul 2016). He checked more than half of places in the center and found nothing, only had luck in Åsane while hitching out.

Locked but accessible

This places are with little effort still accessible:

  • Meny, Støletorget: 6 large and 4 smaller (open) containers in a big parking lot (some hidden from public behind a wall), that are closed during night, but accessible during opening hours, as well as 1,5 hour before and after opening/closing hours. Go to the side and there will be an alternate way in. A good assortment of various foods. Plenty of bread and bakeries, different vegetables. You might find dinner and lunch-boxes from their hot-meal counter (fish cakes, burgers, lasagne, mac'n-cheese, steak). (Last checked: March 2020)
  • Rema 1000, Nattlandsveien 84 (60.358007, 5.368771): 3 locked bins, with the hinge modification they easy can be opened. Flat screwdriver or similar tool recommended. Very nice things in the container. Chocolate, smocked salmon, yogurts, bacon, baby stuff... (Last checked: Oct.2015)


History of available old spots, which are not any more, the fun is over:

  • Rema 1000, Skjold: vegetables, yoghurt and sometimes beer. (Last checked: Feb.2012) Couldn't see more than 2 big garbage presses (Last checked: Sep.2015)
  • Kiwi, Nesttun: Vegetables, most often cauliflower, spring onion, tomatoes and lots of bananas (with black spots). and not expired eggs only some broken in the pack. Maybe they have locked it now. (Last checked: Feb.2012)1 big garbage presse (Last checked: Sep.2015)
  • Rimi, Øvregaten 39 (60.398748, 5.324581): Loads of Vegetables fruits and mushrooms. (Last checked: Okt.2015)

Food Not Bombs

It is possible to bring food to share to "Robin Hood Huset" (the Robin Hood House) at Magnus Barfots gate 22, 5015 Bergen. They are serving it every day to the people, the association is doing a great society work. They provide internet access, a place to be and give a lot of help to foreigners and people who need it. All their services are free of charge. Everyone can donate food and clothes. The food for donation can be expired (over the best before date), but it has to be in good condition. They will tell you if they can use what you are donating or not. Robin Hood Huset doesn't throw away any good foods, so if there is to much it will be frozen for later, or spread to the people right there. There are all the time people who are happy to take it home. The room for getting clothes is open on Wednesdays. Warm lunch time is 12:00-14:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (checked Jul 2016)

Also "Kafé Magdalena" at Kong Oscars gate 5, 5015 Bergen is a place to donate food. Kafe Magdalena only excepts food direct from grocery stores, so if you are a store, call them, they will love to come and take it, but no donations from privates. Same rule: foods can be over the best before date, but have to be in good condition. The foods are cooked and sold in the cafe for a reasonable price. Bred, water and some juices are usually free of charge. It is run by the local church, the city mission (Bymisjon), so the "profits" will be used to help people. The food surplus will be frozen and every Monday and Thursday, everyone who wants, gets a number and can take one full bag of groceries free of charge. The distribution is right behind the cafe in the church.


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