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Belgium is a country in Western Europe.

Dumpster diving

Dumpster diving can be pretty good at some food markets, especially in the "market du midi", in Brussels (if you go there when the market is finished 14.00, you will get a lot of fruit and vegetables for free). The same can not be said about Belgian supermarkets the majority of whih tend to not to leave their trash outside the store.

Some manager at Delhaize claimed to guaka that they sell the edible waste to serve as animal feed. Delhaize's trash policy is far from great though, as guaka one time found a perfectly usable office chair that he was not allowed to take - and it probably ended up as landfill somewhere. is a good website for freegans in Belgium, it has a quite useful forum.


Most larger supermarkets keep their unwanted food inside.

Smaller supermarkets often have a dumpster containing all trash on the street. Most throw out their interesting trash either around opening, or closure. Because many don't seal the products (including bread), it is recommended to check shortly after these times to avoid contamination.

Some places where users have found good products:

  • Delhaize Shop & Go, often next to petrol stations but not marked as such on Google Maps.
  • Carrefour Express. They are more likely to leave their dumpster out in middle/upper class neighborhoods rather than city centers

Unlocking dumpsters

In Belgium, a type of dumpster lock (with a triangular key) found at many if not most dumpsters can be opened using almost any big house key (use an old one in case it bends!).

  1. Pry the key in between the pin on the right side
  2. Push the outer end of the key to the left
  3. Pull out the pin


There are at least 2 known cases when dumpster divers were caught and faced trials.


French speaking organizations involved in Upcycling :


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