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If Barcelona is The Biggest Shop in Europe, then, certainly it has the biggest dumpster.

Barcelona, Spain, is an decent city for recycling and dumpster diving. With all its squat/alternative culture, the freegan lifestyle ideas have been long popularised, and it seems like the biggest issue now might only be the queues of hungry dumpies. For Barcelona it's an effective method to go into the markets and ask if they have anything old to throw away. In Spanish/Catalan of course!

For vegans and vegetarians a great option is dumpster diving at a chain of falafel places called "Maoz" - you can find it also in a very center of the city.


  • The (La) Boquería Food Market - Just off the Ramblas is a famous food market in Barcelona. It is great for dumpster diving. There are various big containers located behind the market. It is the central place where un-sold food is stored for dumpster divers. Sometimes you can find quite some colegues here and regular dumpster diving can turn into a happy fiesta with music and dances. Best hours: 7.30pm-9.00pm
  • Mercat Abaceria - c/de Piugmarti, Gracia, Metro Diagonal, Fontana or Joanic. A great market for dumpstering fresh fruits, veggies, meat and fish. Food is thrown away in big containers on the opposite site of the market if you're coming from Travessera de Gracia. The dumpster site is open at certain times. The best time to come is between 12.00 and 14.30, or around 21.00. (Last checked: Sept.2009)

Supermarkets and small shops

Most supermarkets trow their leftovers away in containers in front of the supermarkets right in the street. Smaller shops like bakeries and coffee-houses do the same. Most bins also carry the names of these shops. You often meet fellow-divers when diving in dumpsters close to popular and crowded streets. Fruit shops throw away a lot of fruit and vegetables in the morning on Mondays, as well as during the day. You can also come there any time, but better before closing and ask for some fruit and vegetables, most of the sellers will share some!

Finding household items and such

In numerous dumpsters of Barcelona you can easily find brand new clothes, shoes, bags, furniture, building supplies... Just wander the streets and you will quickly find all you need!

When flats of people who have left or died are being emptied, all their stuff (except bulky items) is put in the street packed in bags. It is common to go through these bags and take what you need. It is impossible to predict where this will happen, you just have to be at the right place at the right time. Most of the time, the contents of the bags tend to be an old-fashion stuff (since most people who die naturally tend to be old).

Often you'll find clothes (washed and folded!) waiting for you in the bags you see next to the garbage containers. Also, there are people who hang food from the side handles of the garbage containers.

There is actually a certain day in every area when most things are thrown away since the city council set a certain day for every area/neighborhood so that the city recycling service could go and pick it up. So if you go out around the area during these days (depending on area, it usually is Monday or Tuesday, in some areas perhaps some other week day) from around 9pm to 11pm (you can still find things in later time but the service trucks might have already passed by and taken some of the stuff away) you'll find lots of stuff like lamps, clothes, even furniture just laying around waiting for you to pick it up.

Food Cooperatives

There are several self-organized food cooperatives in Barcelona. These cooperatives create a viable alternative to the supermarket driven economy, and are organized on a neighborhood level. They work with rotating shifts with different people taking care of different tasks each time. They often have connections with several small farmers in the area around the city and bring in food once a week. Often, the food is organic but the farmers don't have the money to get an official certificate.


En Murcia hay muchos sitios donde poder reciclar. Algo positivo que tiene Murcia es que en cada barrio hay un mercado semanal de frutas y verduras a dónde puedes acercarte entre las 14:00-14:30 y preguntarle a los tenderos si puedes coger aquello que van a tirar o si tienen cosas que lo vayan a vender que se puedan utilizar. También puedes mirar dentro de los contenedores de los mercados donde también encontrarás mucha comida, para la gente vegana, ahí sólo hay frutas y verduras. Para saber dónde están los mercados, pincha o copia y pega este enlace$m4850,4948&IDTIPO=11 donde te sale un listado de todos los mercados tanto en los pueblos como en los barrios.

Además también puedes acercarte a los herbolarios y preguntar si tienen cosas que se vayan a tirar y si tenéis suerte os las pueden dar.

No hay mucha cultura del recicle en Murcia, a excepción de en el mercado de la Fama de los jueves, así que intenta ir a otros si pudieras.