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Dumpster diving

"Containern" is German for dumpster diving.


Some good spots are:

  • EDEKA and Netto close to Jakobertor, There is a gate around the corner, but you can slip below it - vegetables, dairy products, sometimes chocolate, bread
  • EDEKA - Bismarkstrasse, two blue bin, round the corner, they seem closed, but if you pull the lid they open
  • EDEKA - Schertlinstrasse, go around the building and climb the fence, it´s worth the climbing!
  • REWE - Opposite of the final tram station of tram line 2 "Haunstetten Nord" in the south of Augsburg, neighborhood Haunstetten - there is a small (1m) sometimes open, sometimes closed gate to the dumbesters. You can find a lot of everything there.
  • REWE - In south Augsburg in Haunstetten in the address "Im Tal 9" you can find everything, no locks
  • EDEKA - At "Schwabencenter" in Wilhelm-Hauff-Straße 34 in the east of Augsburg there is a big EDEKA, you can go to the paper dumpster, but the good dumpsters are behind a locked fence. It's difficult to climb it, but possible. However with a little force you can open the door of the fence, by pulling the plug in the concrete and use some force. It's very easy to close it later.

There is a camera, but I went there 50times and never had problems.

  • Basic - Eco supermarket. in Eichleitnerstraße. You won't find much, but what you find has the best possible quality
  • denn's Biomarkt - Eco supermarket. You won't find much, but what you find has the best possible quality


  • Netto - Friedbergerstr., next to Aral gas station, There´s a big door, but it´s usually not locked
  • Netto - Oberhauser Bahnhof, go behind the building by the entrance for cars
  • Netto - Benzstraße 14 in Stadtbergen, there are a lot supermarkes and other markets just 50-100m away as well
  • There is everyday a lot (!!) bread at a foodsharing place in the entrance of the social market "Contact Sozialkaufhaus" in Haunstetten (Address: Im Tal 8)

In general all REWEs and EDEKAs are good. REWE is even "better", as they never give leftover food to social initiatives (2017), while all Lidl and ALDI are bad, because their dumpsters are always locked. Have a look at [1]


Fairteiler are spots (mostly fridges) where people bring food, so others can take it. Fairteiler in Augsburg are at:

In the basement of Grandhotel Cosmopolis in the city center

At the (anarchist) "Freiraum" (a open room opposite of the "Alte Cafete" cafeteria in the university of Augsburg (building D)

At the Contact Sozialkaufhaus in Haunstetten

Students residence of Göggingen (not public, you need to call before:

City Cafe (at Königsplatz)

Public Gardens

Herbal garden "Augsburger Kräutergärtlein" in the park "Rotes Tor Park"

Herbal garden at university of Augsburg (between Sport center and physics buidlings)

People's kitchen

At the anarchist place "Die Ganze Bäckerei" there is a people's kitchen and bar-night based on (small) donations every Thursday evening at 20:00 At the farming cooperative office "Solawi - Solidarische Landwirtschaft" there is a people's kitchen every second Sunday at 19:00 You can ask in advance at [email protected] It's based on small donations, you can also buy (more expanisve) local organic products there.

There is fruits for everybody at every meeting of the city hall council.


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