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37.990689, 23.724991 dumpster full of bread after 2am </googlemap>

Athens is the capital of Greece, and it definitely has somthing to offer to those who live cheap.

Food markets

There is a market open everyday (except Sunday) from 6am to 6pm in the middle of Athinas (Αθινας), between Armodiou and Aristogeitonos. There is trash to check around at any time (and you might be very lucky at times), but the trouble is that market is often get cleaned, and those who do cleaning are of no help to you. There is another very cheap fruits and vegetables market (7:00 - 15:00) in the (anarchist) neighborhood of Exarchia in Kallidromiou street, with a lot of leftovers at the end (around 12-3pm) every Saturday. In general the food is much cheaper at the end of such markets.


You'll find bread in the bins of the local bakeries. The best is to go when they close, or when the baker come to bake, usually after 2am.

  • There is a bakery on Exarchia triangle/park which throws away a lot of bread sometimes, check the bags around the dumpsters as well. (Last checked: Jan.2011)

Flea markets

There are 2 flea markets every Sunday:

  1. One is at Monastiraki metro station.
  2. The other, bigger one, is located at Peiraieus. Get out of the metro station and walk the Alipedou street. The market continues on Skylitsi street as well.


Certain neighborhoods like Exarhia or Kypseli host some very good spots for thrown-away furniture in very diverse states, shapes and sizes. Local divers say the best deal is 60's or 70's really stylish pieces of furniture.


You can give away or take (for free, of course) clothes at Skoros (former Sporos). You can find more info on this freeshop-market here:


  • - a web page (in Greek though) informing about all of the free events and free stuff
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