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Arnhem is a city in the mid-east of the Netherlands, close to Nijmegen and the German border. Arnhem used to be heaven for dumpster divers. Nowadays, though, many supermarkets lock their dumpsters inside which results in very few people actually skipping for food. Nevertheless, there are some places where you might get lucky. These places are usually outside of city's central area though.

Dumpster diving

There is a "Plus" supermarket in a city center. Around the corner you can find the entrance to the inside parking lot where the store's skips are located. There you can find lots of packed vegetables, crisps and even soy burgers. At the very same spot you can also find a "V&D" skip - you can find lots of luxurious bread in there. These skips are accessible only during the daytime, and even then not all the time.

The "Jumbo" store is situated in Arnhem's industrial area, close to the Rijn. Skipping is possible here but go after midnight because employees tend to leave really late. Bear in mind, though, there's a security buzzing around this area, and some people even got caught when trespassing private territories. Another problem is that the "dumpster supply" is really unpredictable: sometimes a dive can result in finding lots of food, and at other times you leave with nothing four times in a row. The great thing though is that all the food is put into crates instead of being discarded into a dumpster, so no dirty hands there. When there IS a food, then there is a lot to take. Usually crates are filled with cheese, pies, lots of veggies, and lots of different long-lasting or easy preservable produce.


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