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Apples can be found primarily in commercial dumpsters. On occasion they will also appear in residential trash, as many people will throw away apples just as they begin to become soft.

Dumpstered apples often have small brown spots. So long as these spots don't take up the majority of an apple, it should be perfectly fine for consumption once it us washed and the softer areas have been cut off. Green apples may have larger discolorations, but are usually still edible in spite of them


As many dumpstered apples may prove somewhat mealy or soft, they are often best utilized as an addition to a recipe. Apples are great for cakes and other baked goods. They may also be added to salads, curries and soups.

For those who don't have access to a juicer to produce cider or apple juice, a refreshing apple beverage may be made by adding apple slices to a jug of water and then setting it in a refrigerator to chill.


Apples may be preserved by drying or freezing. They may also be made into applesauce, which can then be frozen or canned.

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