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Aldi is a budget supermarket with headquarters in Germany. Aldi stores can be found in several European countries, in the United States and in Australia.

German Aldi bins

The unlocked dumpsters are at the delivery bay ramp. Commonly there is motion-activated lighting in this area so you don't necessarily need a flashlight. You can find lots of fruits and vegetables in these, other kinds of food are rare.

Australian Aldi bins

In Victoria, a state located in the southeastern corner of Australia, Aldi bins are a good source as they are rarely locked, however they tend to be in strange places so have a good look before you give up.

In Queensland, at least one Aldi has been known to have motion-activated alarms in the area surrounding the bins and compactor which are active during the night. (assuming outside trading hours)

Aldi bins often have handy bits and pieces as they tend to stock unusual items, many a revolving tie rack has been known to occur.