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A car-washing freegan in Aachen, Hansemannplatz, 2005. Car-washing has until recently been a creative source of income for some locals.

Aachen is nice quiet city in western Germany. It borders Holland and Belgium. French people call it Aix-la-Chapelle and Dutch people call it Aken.

Dumpstering in Aachen

It's quite easy to dumpster dive in Aachen. There are many "Netto" supermarkets (previously "Plus"), you can check them all out, all are good for dumpstering. When you walk on Trierer Strasse up the hill from the city centre through Rothe Erde district, there's one gas station on the right, you can often find bread and simlar stuff/food in there. (Last checked: August 2010) When you keep walking same way up the hill, on the right there is "REWE" supermarket, a really good place for dumpster divers. (Last checked: August 2010)

Personal experiences

  • About free living on the streets: "Living in the streets of Aachen used to be more simple. In last few years (after the change of mayor) everything changed. You can be arrested by Ordnungsamt (the curse of Aachen, something like Police) of being a hobo. There used to be big scene of car-washing business under the traffic lights on the streets (German: "Scheibenputzen"; Polish: "myjnia"). Mostly by Polish punks. Now it's not allowed in Aachen anymore." - User:Absurdistaner, August 2010.


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