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The year 1996 in trash:

  • May - a high-profile Guerrilla gardening event took place in south London when about 500 activists affiliated with The Land is Ours, including the journalist George Monbiot, occupied 13 acres of derelict land belonging to the "Guinness" company on the banks of the River Thames in Wandsworth; their action aimed to highlight what they described as "the appalling misuse of urban land, the lack of provision of affordable housing and the deterioration of the urban environment".
  • July 1 - "Have på en nat", which means "a garden in a night", was made by the Danish organic starters. It was part of the Copenhagen's "City of Culture" festival. A group of young people from Økologiskeigangsættere, a local Agenda 21 organisation, worked for two years preparing to build a garden on a derelict inner city site - not quite in one night - but over a few days. The young people decided that they wanted a community garden on the 300 m2 site. They learnt practical skills such as carpentry, plumbing, bricklaying and horticulture and prepared and grew everything off site, so that when the time came the garden could be assembled almost "overnight". There was something for everyone: little paths wound around the site by a turfed area, trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables. About 1000 people took part in the project. The garden remained until the site was reclaimed by the council to be developed for housing in April 2001.
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