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The Åland Islands (archipelago) are a wealthy autonomous Swedish speaking region within Finland consisting of more than 6000 islands.

The capital Mariehamn, is serviced by approx 6000 large ferry dockings a year, due to Åland's special status to grant docking ferries the right to sell drugs (cigarettes, alcohol and sugar laced "foods") on board, which makes for a lot of income for Mariehamn and the region in general, by being able to levy port fees.

The islands, located in the Baltic Sea north of the 60th parallel, are thus well connected to neighboring countries, such as Estonia, Sweden and mainland Finland.

There are several supermarkets that offer excellent opportunities for those seeking to reduce waste of plentiful foodstuffs, such as fruit, vegetables, dairy, and for the daring ones even meats.

Locations recommended for dumpster diving:

  1. City Livs in downtown Mariehamn, Torggatan 6 (Last checked: Nov.2009)
  2. Kantarellen/K-Market in Jomala, 3 km north of Mariehamn's center (by bicycle), Nya Godbyvägen (Last checked: Nov.2009)
  3. Mathis-Hallen in downtown Mariehamn, Ålandsvägen 42 (Last checked: Nov.2009)
  4. K-Market in Degerby on Föglö (separate island) (Last checked: Nov.2009)

Other large supermarkets exist near the named ones but have locked dumpsters, making sure all food placed in them gets destroyed.

External Links

  • "Pippi's Dumpsterdiving Club", a site with sample pictures from the named stores dumpsters ("uncovering the hidden waste of western consumerism and the effects on the environment and my efforts to make use of as much wasted resources as possible")


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Autonomous region: Åland Islands

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